I’m constantly being told who I am through others perspective… but that’s not who I really am. Everyone sees a smile on my face, but if you looked past that fake smile of mine, you’d see much more. I’m locked in a closet, wanting to escape yet no one hears my cries. Then you came around and you opened my door. I began to see things through a different set of eyes and I honestly thought things couldn’t be any better then it already was that is until you left. You left me behind, stuck in this cold and black world with no one to turn to. I locked myself in the closet this time, refusing to look at the world with the same set of eyes that you once gave me knowing that it’ll never be the same. I know you’re in a better place, and people try to help with the bleeding of my heart, but it doesn’t cut it. I need you with me. Others have tried to fill in your spot yet it doesn’t feel right, no one could replace the love & friendship we had. Until someone came along and showed me that there are reasons to smile, reasons to believe and most importantly… reasons to love. Oh he reminds me so much of you, So I’m taking a chance with life, seeing the world with those set of eyes again and living my life the way I would have if you were still with me…
Boy: Babe? Girl: Yes? Boy: Which do you wear more often? Shorts? or Skirts? Girl: Umm.. depends on my mood, Why? Boy: Oh, I’m just asking. But next time in the future, Wear something that goes up to your ankles. :) Girl: Are you insane? -girls laughs- It’s so hot here, baby. Boy: I know, But I said in the future. Girl: What are you talking about? Boy: And when you wear that, Make sure you wear gloves that reaches to your albums alright? Girl: Omg, Is this for halloween? :) Boy: -boy laughs- No, babe. It’s not. Girl: Are we playing dress up? We’re too old for that now, baby. =$ Boy: -boy laughs more- No, babe. We’re not either. Just listen to me alright? Then you have to put a veil over your head… :P Girl: So this is for halloween! Boy: -sighs- Nevermind. You don’t get it. It’s alright. Girl: Hahaha, I’m just kidding baby! :) Do I change my last name on that day? =$ Boy: Yes, you do. :) Girl: Will I be yours forever starting from that day? Boy: Ever since that night you told me you love me back, It was the start of our forever. Girl: -girl blushes- Really? Boy: ‘Till death do us part. :) awwwwwwwwwwwwwww : ">
i love fake soccer players :)
He’s an amazing dancer <3